Resources for Every Size of Small Business

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sizes of small businesses. Up until recently I — and maybe you too — lumped them all together. But the truth is: not all small businesses are created equal.

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What Type of Small Business Do YOU Run?

There are those I like to call micropreneurs. We are the lifeblood of our businesses, and we probably don’t have very many, if any, employees. We have very different needs than businesses with offices and departments, but a business with fewer than 500 employees still qualifies as a small one.

So where do you fall in the spectrum? Knowing this can help you better align your business with the right resources. After all, if you’re a solopreneur, you don’t need to be reading content online about employee benefits. And if your small business has dozens of employees and several locations, you probably don’t need to know how to set up a home office.

Resources for Micropreneurs

As a fellow micropreneur, I’m guessing you’re interested in the following topics:

  • How to start and grow a business
  • How to do your own marketing
  • Tips for productivity
  • Managing cash flow

You’re more of the DIY variety, and you need content that will help you learn how to manage different facets of your business with minimal investment.  Here are some fabulous small business resources for you:

Beyond content, look for tools and apps that cater to small businesses. Many, like HootSuite and Insightly, offer free versions and are easy to use.

Resources for Bigger Small Businesses

If you’re more concerned about hiring and firing, expanding, or acquisition, these resources may provide the guidance you’re looking for:

You should be about finding the right people for the right job, not doing it all yourself, so the content you seek out is probably about strategy and growing your business.

Understanding the type of small business you run can help you streamline the resources you leverage to increase sales and improve your company.

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