Want to Give Your Online Marketing Strategy a Boost? Follow These 4 Tips

Marketing Tools

The key to a successful marketing strategy is to update it frequently. Refreshing your marketing strategy on a regular basis can help you laser in on the tactics that work best, eliminate those that are just costing you money, and introduce you to new technologies. Here are four surefire tips to give your marketing strategy a much-needed boost this summer.

1. Clear the Dead Weight

If your marketing strategy is diverse, you’re likely marketing using many different channels, such as social media, SEO, content marketing and maybe even PPC campaigns. It’s extremely important that you have metrics for all of these tools so that you can determine which is netting you website visits and new sales. Look at the ones at the bottom of the list; these likely are only costing you time and money and aren’t bringing in new customers. Stop all efforts on any of these methods, and reinvest the funds and time into the ones at the top of your list that generate more leads and sales.

2. Hone Your Analytics

Let’s back up a minute to talk about analytics. If you don’t use Google Analytics or other tool for tracking where your website traffic comes from, your marketing strategy is completely useless. It’s imperative to know if you Tweets are sending people to your site, if people are clicking the link to your website from your press releases, and if that media mention actually got you new sales.

Don’t be afraid of analytics; they’re meant to help you. Look at the top referrers of traffic to your site. They might be Facebook, Google + or blogs where you’ve guest posted. These are the sources you should put more efforts into. If you’ve been distributing press releases for six months and gotten very few clicks, maybe that’s not the best strategy for you. You should be able to connect web traffic and sales directly to each marketing tactic.

3. See What Else is Out There

Your marketing strategy isn’t meant to be stagnant, especially with new, exciting online tools popping up everyday. Keep an eye on the marketing scene and dabble in new tools as they come up. You never know where your biggest sales and referrals will come from, so be open!

4. Don’t Be a Stranger

The only way your marketing strategy will succeed is if you look at it, analyze it and tweak it regularly. Put it on your schedule to review each quarter.

For more tips on sprucing up your marketing strategy don’t miss Tuesday’s webinar, ‘Basics of Internet Marketing’, where the experts from Deluxe Corporation will share their best online marketing tips.



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