10 Tips for Greenifying Your Office

Earth Day may be over, but that’s no reason the “green party” can’t continue. Not only can going green in the office help you sustain our natural resources, but there are also benefits to your business as well. You can save money, attract eco-minded customers, and play a part in helping your community conserve its resources.

Recycle symbol with grass texture, isolated on white background

Looking for easy ways to go green?

1. Use Both Sides of the Paper

Often we print a document, and once we’re done with it, assume we should recycle it. But go one step further. Ask your staff to put printed paper they’re done with back in a stack so you can use the other side. 

2. Consider What Really Needs to Be Printed

If you’re in the habit of printing meeting agendas or emails to discuss with co-workers, put a stop to it. Instead, pull up the document on your laptop, tablet, or phone. You’ll save on your printing costs and save trees.

3. Use Digital Signing Software

Asking clients to print and sign contracts is already volatile; you’ve got to wait until they remember to sign them and mail them before you can move forward. And without that contract, you’re not legally protected.

But what if you could get a signature instantly? Digital signature software like EchoSign lets your clients sign documents electronically. You can print them, or better yet, save them on your hard drive.

4. Invest in Eco-Friendly Products

Everything from printer paper to pens now has a recycled or Earth-friendly option. Most are similarly-priced to less green options, so you won’t spend more to be kind to our planet.

5. Consider Offering a Telecommute Option

When your employees work from home, even one day a week, you reap multiple benefits, including reducing your utilities (fewer occupied offices means less energy used), lowering your carbon footprint (no commute in the car), and saving on office supplies.

6. Make it Easy to Recycle

We all know it’s good to recycle, but is it actually easy to recycle in your office? Put a recycle bin in every corner and by every printer so no employee is tempted to toss paper in the trash.

7. Get Involved in Your Community

Whether it’s a recycle drive, eco fair, or other community initiative, getting involved is good for your soul — and good for business too. Being associated with positive actions like these will help you build relationships with future and existing customers.

8. Recycle Your Cartridges

Most office supply stores, including Staples, will give you rewards on your business account when you return used printer cartridges. They recycle them and you get more money in your pocket!

9. Make Being Green a Priority

Your staff won’t go the extra mile to conserve if you don’t make a point of it around the office. Let your staff know (not by printing a memo!) that going green is a goal for this year, and offer suggestions/requirements they can help with, such as turning off the lights when they leave for the day, as well as their computers.

10. Keep at It

It might not seem like using the back of a piece of paper or turning off a light does a whole lot in the grand scheme, but imagine if everyone did just a little, what an impact that would have on our environment!

Image: PhotoSpin


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