5 More Steps to a Great Email Marketing Campaign


Despite the many trends we’ve seen in the world of marketing over the past few years, email remains a constant in terms of driving new and repeat sales for your business. Given the fact that 44% of people who receive email marketing messages made at least one purchase from an email, it’s worth diving into better strategies for conversion.

Following on from the first installment of our email marketing series, ‘ 5 Steps to a Great Email Marketing Campaign’ posted earlier this month, today we’ll be sharing five more tips you can start using to harness the power of email marketing and supercharge your sales this spring.

Notepad and pen at the ready? Good. Now let’s start learning!

1. It’s all in the numbers

Your email marketing software provides ample statistics that tell you who opened your email and/or clicked, and who made purchases from it. This is valuable data that can help you shape future email campaigns.

2. Consistency is key

If you send a newsletter on the 15th of every month, people will come to expect to receive it then. Don’t get off schedule and start sending your emails willy-nilly, or you’ll upset customers, who like routine.

3. Spend time on the subject line

It’s what gets people to open your emails. Speak directly to your audience. Entice them. Make them want to open your emails with that all-important subject line.

4. Make it mobile-friendly

Did you know that 43% of all your emails are being opened on mobile devices? If your email doesn’t render well in mobile (it’s hard to read, readers have to scroll to view it all), you might lose readers. Your email marketing platform should have a mobile-optimized option.

5. Choose your timing wisely

This sometimes takes a little trial and error. But if you’re targeting consumers at home, they’re more likely to check their email before going to work or after 5, so send your email so it’s there waiting for them. If you’re aiming at B2B customers, hit them mid-morning to early afternoon for best open rates.

BONUS: Don’t forget your CTA!

Every email you send should have a Call to Action in it. The earlier, the better, since most people don’t read an entire email all the way through. Encourage people to click to buy, enter to win, sign up for free info, or call for a consultation.

Get more email marketing tips with our upcoming free webinar, “How Email Can Help Your Business Thrive” on Tuesday April 6 at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern.

See you there!

Photo credit: Vertical Response



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