5 Essential Mobile Apps to Improve Productivity

The one thing I love the best about recent technology is the fact that it helps me run my business more smoothly and easier. I can’t fathom being a business owner even 20 years ago, without the help of accounting software, CRM, and other apps that make me more successful!


Here are my top 5 favorite productivity mobile apps right now.

1. FreshBooks Mobile

What’s really great about FreshBooks’ mobile app are its enhanced features. Sure, you can view and send invoices, just like when you log onto the site, but you can do more with the mobile version. Like take pictures of your receipts so you’re not carrying around a pile of wadded up receipts when you travel. Or the time tracker (that’s actually the reason I recently switched to FreshBooks). It’s available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Insightly

If you use customer relationship management software (and you should use CRM), it’s nice to be able to manage it from your phone or tablet when you’re on the go. With Insightly’s mobile app (for Android and iOS), you can view and edit contacts, add notes, or check on tasks. If you’d rather not download yet another app on your phone, you can also access the mobile version.

3. Google Suite

I won’t limit this one just to Gmail or Drive or Calendar. I love them all. Because I use Android phones, I can sync everything from my desktop to my laptop to my tablet and phone. By far, my favorite Google feature on my phone is Google Now. It pulls info from my emails (yes, a bit Big Brother) and notifies me about what it thinks is important, such as a package being shipped to me today, or my flight info.

4. DropBox

If you manage large files in your business, or frequently need to share them with your employees, DropBox makes it easy through mobile. Taking photos with your phone at a company event? You probably have DropBox as an option to send those photos to. It’s easier now to send files to DropBox than ever. And it’s available for the obvious devices (iOS and Android) as well as BlackBerry and Kindle.

5. Skype

Who needs to be in the office for meetings when there’s Skype? You can make free phone or video calls to your team from anywhere in the world. And it’s become ubiquitous: I can access it on my iOS and Android devices, as well as my Smart TV and gaming systems.

I’m sure my list of go-to apps will change with time, as technology flashes ahead at the speed of light. What’s on your list?

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