Are You Cut Out for Working From Home?

With more than 1 million Canadians working from home, it’s no surprise you’re considering doing the same. After all, you’d cut back on your overhead expenses, and your commute would be just a few steps from your bedroom to your home office.


But not everyone’s cut out for working from home. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to see if it’s right for you.

Am I Easily Distracted?

If you do whatever you can to avoid settling in to work at the office, you’ll find even more ways to distract yourself at home. Laundry, television, the refrigerator…all are Sirens’ calls for the easily distracted.

Do I Need to Work Around People?

If you get your energy from working with others, you might feel alienated working on your own at home. Some people simply need that sense of community that an office fosters.

Do I Have the Setup to Work from Home Successfully?

Ideally, you’d have a room you could convert to a home office. If not, you still need some dedicated space for your desk and computer (even a large closet would work). The purpose here is to create a space where work is your focus. At the end of the day, you can shut the door so that mentally you’re not still working.

Do You Often Take Work Home with You?

If you find it hard to shut off when you come home from the office, it might be a challenge when the office is within your home. You might sneak onto your computer to check work email on the weekends or neglect your family by working late. This is sure to put a strain on your relationship.

Are You Organized?

It’s essential that you be able to organize your day’s priorities and get work done when you’re flying solo at home. If you procrastinate and have trouble staying on top of the work you need to do, the structure of the office might be better for you.

Still not sure if working from home is for you? Give it a test run and work from home a few days a week. See how productive you are compared to when you work in the office. If you find you have more to catch up on when you return from working at home, you might be better off staying in the office.


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