Setting Resolutions for the New Year

New year, fresh start. Since you recently reviewed your goals from last year, now is the ideal time to set new ones for 2014. Setting resolutions (or goals, if you prefer) is the first step to actually achieving them.

Why You Need Resolutions

You want your business to grow, don’t you? You can’t have growth unless you set certain milestones for your business and work toward achieving them. Even just putting what you want for your business into words is enough to propel it to become a reality. But it also, of course, requires a little legwork on your part.

What Do You Really Want?

When you sit down to make your list, consider what you want for your business. Think big, but achievable. For example, if you know you can easily increase revenues by 5%, make your goal 15%. That way, you have to stretch a bit to actually achieve it.

Consider all aspects of your company: sales, employees, operations. What do you want to improve in the coming year?

Be specific with what your goals. It’s not enough to say you want more customers. How many more? Then in a year, you can look at that resolution to “add 20 new consulting clients in 2014” and assess whether you accomplished that goal or not.

Now Take Action

As I said, it will take more than just writing your resolutions down. Now you have to create action steps for how you’ll achieve them. Under that goal to add 20 new consulting clients in 2014, you might have the following action items.

  • Increase advertising budget for the top 3 cities in my state by 30%.
  • Hire additional salesperson by end of Q1.
  • Ask clients for referrals in quarterly email.

Assign each of these items to yourself or someone on your team, and check in monthly to see where you are in marking them off your list.

Keep Your Resolutions Front and Center

If you squirrel away your resolutions in a file, you probably won’t achieve them. Instead, print them out and keep them on your desk where you can be reminded of them regularly.

Review, Tweak, and Move Forward

At the end of the year, look at your resolutions. Which did you accomplish? Which did you come close on? Keep those on your list, and add others. Modify any specifics if it will help you achieve your goals in the coming year.

Photo Credit: Sukanto Debnath via Compfight cc


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