7 Branding Tips from Santa Himself

When it comes to brands, the one that’s probably the most widely recognized — at least in North America — is Santa Claus. Even tiny tots know his name and his iconic red suit.

So let’s take a few branding lessons from the master.

1. Do One Thing, and Do It Well

Kris Kringle doesn’t try to own Easter or Halloween. Christmas is his big day, and he does it right. He doesn’t try to add parties or potlucks to the mix; his bag is delivering toys. End of story. He’s perfected his talent over the years.

2. Stick to Your Visual Branding

Some companies update their logo and look frequently. Not Santa. He’s branded himself in that red suit with white trim, and people know to look for it. There will be no Santa 2.0; it’s just not his style.

3. Create a Community

Without Santa’s helpers, he wouldn’t be as successful. He’s got Elvin, the social media master, churning out the comments on Twitter (and yes, Santa is on Twitter). And Rudolph is galvanizing the reindeer for another great run this year. They all support Santa’s vision, and that contributes to his success.

4. Know Your Audience

Santa never delivers a toy that a child doesn’t want. He knows intimately what they want (and it helps that they sit on his lap and whisper it in his ear, but you shouldn’t try that move), and he delivers every time.

5. Exceed Expectations

Despite the miracle of getting around the world in a single night, Santa manages it each year. His “customers” are constantly dazzled at this feat.

6. Use Multiple Channels to Reach Santa

Santa’s big on communication. He encourages boys and girls to send in letters with their requests and meet him in person. He’s prompt to respond to letters, and he’s been known to call a few kids as well.

7. Take a Break

Just because you don’t see Santa the other 364 days a year doesn’t mean he’s not working hard for the following Christmas. Still, Santa knows that a branding engine like his needs a break after his work is done, so he takes off a few weeks and heads to Bermuda.

If anyone knows how to successfully brand himself, it’s Santa. Take a few pointers from him and develop your own strategy to improve your personal or business brand.

Photo Credit: LadyDragonflyCC – >;< via Compfight cc


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