How to Show Your Appreciation to Your Team This Holiday Season

Your employees work hard for you all year. Now is the perfect time to show your appreciation for their dedication. There are several ways you can do so, and all of them are budget-friendly.

Host a Holiday Party

Whether it’s in the office or at a restaurant or other location, taking time to unwind from the work week provides a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know your staff after hours. Throw in food, music, and drinks (alcoholic optional) and you have yourself a party!

Holiday Tip: While it’s great to let your hair down a bit, remember that you’re still the boss and don’t get overly friendly or drink more than you can handle, or your behavior might be misconstrued.

Give Gifts

Even if your budget’s small, you can still give each of your staff a token of appreciation. Some ideas include:

  • Gift cards to local restaurants
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates or holiday treats
  • Tickets to local sporting events

Holiday Tip: Be aware that all your staff might not celebrate Christmas or be comfortable accepting gifts due to religious reasons. In this case, simply give a general Thank You card and express yourself in words.

Give an Extra Day Off

If work’s slow in the office right now, surprise your staff by giving them a half or full day off. You can organize an office field trip to the movies or let them spend the day as they see fit.

Holiday Tip: Before you ring the bell to let school out, make sure it won’t affect your business. If clients are expecting to speak with your staff, it might be best to let them pick their own day off around their work schedules.

Decorate the Office

Spreading a little holiday cheer throughout the office in the form of holiday decor can brighten spirits. Consider putting up a Christmas tree and lights, as well as ornaments. Invite your staff to bring their favorite holiday decor to contribute to the effort.

Holiday Tip: Make decorating optional for scrooges or those that don’t celebrate Christmas. The last thing you want to do is isolate the very people you want to make feel special.

Give a Bonus

If your business did exceptionally well this year, share that success with your staff. Award bonuses based on how long each employee has been with the company. Even if it’s a modest amount, your employees will appreciate the gesture.

Holiday Tip: Make sure to include even the newbies in the bonus to make sure they feel like part of the team.

Your company depends on your employees working their hardest. Make sure they have a reason to give you 100%; a little bit of appreciation goes a long way.

Photo Credit: mysza831 via Compfight cc


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