How Landing Pages Help You Sell More

You sell 600 kinds of doohickeys. You get decent traffic to your site, but unfortunately, you’re not making a ton of sales. You feel like you’re doing your job in marketing your products, so you’re scratching your head as to why you’re not selling more.


I’ve got a question for you: are you using landing pages to direct visitors to what they’re looking for?

A landing page is designed to focus on a single theme, category, or product. So if you sell 600 types of products, you could easily have 600 landing pages. Or maybe just 10: one for each category of product.

What this does is cut back on the number of people who land on your home page and then are overwhelmed with so many options. Should they look at Doohickey A or Doohickey B? Which category is right for them?

No matter how much traffic you get to your site, if this is the general reaction of people who visit your home page, landing pages may be the solution to better conversion.

Landing Pages: Smarter Categorization

Landing pages take the guesswork out of where to go for customers. If they search for “I need a doohickey that helps me work harder,” your landing page for the doohickey that does just that should appear in search results. The searcher won’t, however, see the doohickey that washes your car or feeds your kids.

Because she’ll see the exact doohickey she’s looking for in her search results, she’ll click on the link. And she’ll look around. If your landing page succinctly explains your doohickey and its benefits, and makes it dead simple for her to buy it, you’ll ace the sale.

The simpler your landing pages, and the better targeted your keywords on each page (focus only on 1-2 per landing page), the better Google will rank you in search results. And in this case, ranking higher on Google actually pays off, because you’re delivering exactly what people expect, which increases the likelihood of a sale.

If your website is WordPress-based, there are plugins that make it easy to set up landing pages for as many products as you want. With the setup, make sure to research the keywords that people are searching for and using them throughout the copy (in a natural, flowing way).

Use appealing photos that aptly show visitors what your doohickeys look like, from multiple angles. The more specific you can be in what you focus on with your landing page, the better your conversion rate.

Want more tips on converting visitors to sales through landing pages? Please attend our free webinar, “Turn Website Visits Into Sales Fast” on October 22, 2013, at 1 pm Central, 10 am Pacific.


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