People.Planet.Profit. — Leadership Prioritized


The People.Planet.Profit. — Leadership Prioritized team aims to help business owners do three things: develop high performance teams, implement cost-saving, eco-friendly initiatives, and create more profitable, resilient businesses.

Like what you hear? Then consider attending the People.Planet.Profit. — Leadership Prioritized event on Wednesday November 13th, 2013 if you’re local to the Toronto area.

The goal of People.Planet.Profit — Leadership Prioritized seminar is to provide attendees with a new perspective on business leadership, including the various strategies of realizing the full potential of leaders and teams and developing a planet-friendly business.

So if you’re a business owner, director, CEO, manager, team leader—or just generally interested in learning key collaborative leadership skills and business sustainability practices—this could be the event for you.

If you’d like to attend the People.Planet.Profit — Leadership Prioritized event, register here.

Event Details:

Where: The Old Mill, Toronto

When: 9am – 4:30pm

Cost: RRP: $297 (BizLaunch Blog readers can receive $50 off this price by entering discount code ‘BIZ50’ when you place your order.)

To find out more about People.Planet.Profit, their upcoming event, and what they do, visit their website.


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