Why You Should Be Using Press Releases

You’ve got your marketing mix down, or so you think. You’re Tweeting and posting to Facebook and G+. You’re blogging. Networking. What more could you be doing to drive traffic to your site?


Writing press releases, actually.

Press releases are an absolute necessity in your marketing bag of tricks. If you’re not using them, you’re missing out on valuable opportunity to find new customers.

5 Reasons Press Releases are the Bee’s Knees

1. Press releases are fantastic SEO rockets. Because they’re published on dozens of news and industry-related websites, all of which have links back to your site, Google decides you’re a little more important than you used to be in the webosphere.

2. They make you look important, even when you don’t think you are. Any time a company heralds the trumpets, people take notice. If you’re constantly writing releases about the amazing things happening at your company, people will start wondering why they’re not buying from you. Journalists will clamor to write about you.

3. They make it easy for journalists to write about you. Speaking of that, being able to send a journalist the URL to your online press release gives him plenty of fodder to write an article about your brand. If you’ve got your boilerplate (about your company) and links, as well as the news you’re pitching to him, you just saved him tons of research time.

4. They play well with social mediaPress releases typically include social share icons, so anyone reading your release can share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, and more, helping you expand your reach exponentially.

5. They impress Google. If you’re using keywords in your release that will help people find you online, you’ll rank higher for those keywords in search results. People will tell you this isn’t true, but this experiment proving Google SEO expert Matt Cutts wrong says otherwise.

Tips for Better Press Releases

Now that you’re convinced that press releases are a necessity, here are some suggestions to maximize your results.

  • Pay attention to which topics generate the most web traffic, and write more like them.
  • Aim for at least 1 press release per month.
  • Post the link to the release on your company news page, as well as blog and email.
  • Share it socially.

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