Why You Can’t Ignore Google Authorship

If you’d love to ignore Google and its finicky ways, good luck. The search engine behemoth is dictating the way things are found in search, so it seem like if you want to appear high in Google search results, you have to play its games.

The latest game is Google Authorship,which, in a nutshell, connects your G+ profile with the content you author around the web. So if someone searches for content and you’ve written on the subject, your cute little face will appear next to the article:



Why You Should Care About Authorship

While Google won’t admit it, it seems like the articles that have been appropriately run through the Authorship machine place higher. And studies show that people are more likely to click a link that has an image next to it. The verdict is still out on whether this is increasing web traffic, but my bet is: it is.

Benefits of Google + in Driving Web Traffic

Daniel Law boiled down the benefits to using Google + pretty succinctly in this blog post:

  • Sharability on Google+
  • Google+ Engagement
  • Google+ Optimisation
  • Google Authorship

If you make it easy, people will share your content on Google + and engage with you there. And G+ gives you the opportunity to link to your website and any blogs you contribute to, so it serves as a hub for everything you’re doing online. And then of course, there’s Authorship: the official proof that you’re somebody online. At least in Google’s mind.

The fact is: if you make it dead simple, people will share your content. Then others will find it. And they’ll share it. The potential to reach thousands of people with a single piece of content is now a reality, but only if you sign up for Google Authorship.

Getting Started with Authorship

The process is fairly simple. Start by signing up here. Then make sure you have links to all the channels where you blog on your G+ page. There’s a piece of code you need to insert on each blog you contribute to, so if you’re not the owner of the blog, see if the blog manager can assist with this.

Check to make sure your content on each site is appearing as it should, with your G+ profile picture and information next to each post.

Pay attention to your web traffic before you start this process, and see if it gets a boost afterward.

Paying attention to Google’s games can help you attract more traffic, so it’s worth it to learn the rules of the game!


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