Video Marketing 101

Looking for something new to try to bring in customers? Consider video. The fact that people are watching 6 billion hours of videos each month on YouTube tells you there’s something to it.

Words. Images. Sound. What Type of Infovores Are Your Customers?

Think about your own routines when it comes to getting information. Do you prefer to read blog posts? Listen to webinars? Watch video? Everyone has a different preference for how they consume content. By adding video to what you’re already offering (hopefully blogging and maybe podcasts), you’re able to reach a wider audience with your message.

Video provides many opportunities for you to connect with potential customers:

  • By showing a person in the video, you’re humanizing your company.
  • There are no rules! Being creative and funny attracts people.
  • You provide the opportunity for viewers to share your video with others, expanding your market.
  • The movement in a video can draw attention and engage people longer.

Converting Your Content to Video

So what goes into a video? The possibilities are endless. You can essentially create blog content, but speak it or demonstrate a product. You can be a talking head and share your insight on your industry. Show other uses of your product. Interview people in your company or in the industry. Give a behind-the-scenes tour of your office.

Aim for consistency in your content. Either have the same person in each video, or have the same type of content for most of your videos., a business filing company in the US, has a series of customer review videos that are consistent in their style, making it easy for the viewer to connect the dots between each video.

Amplify Your Video

Once you’ve created a video, spread it as widely as possible. Post it on your company blog. Share it on Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Post it to BizSugar, if it’s business-related. Send it in your monthly email newsletter.  Ask others to share it for you.

Then pay attention to how many views a given video gets. This is important because knowing which videos get more views can help you determine what topics to make more videos of in the future. For videos that received barely any views, cut them from your list of future topics.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be costly. You’re already carrying around a powerful video camera in your pocket — your phone. Start experimenting and see what resonates with your audience.

Want more tips on using videos for marketing? Please attend our free webinar, “Unleash The Power of Video,” August 29, 2013 at 1 pm Eastern.

Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin via Compfight cc


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