How to Create a Website That Really Works


In this day and age, having a website for your business is no longer optional: It’s a must. Your customers and clients will expect it, and it’s often their first port of call where they’ll go to scope you out and learn more about your products or services—before they even consider contacting you directly.

But nowadays, simply having a website isn’t enough—it has to be good. It has to capture the attention of your visitor in a few short moments, and draw their awareness long enough for them to read about—and remember—your business.

Remember: You’re always only one click away from losing that potential customer. So, in order to create a truly effective website, it needs to be high-impact, well-designed, search engine friendly, and most importantly, relevant.

If you’re in the process of building your company’s website, or if you’re thinking of giving your existing site an overhaul, then next week’s webinar is for you. Our experts will be sharing the best practices for helping people find your website, how to create the right online strategy, and simple design tips.

Our specialist presenter from Deluxe Corporation, Sherry Santamaria, will also show you how to:

  • Develop a winning website strategy

  • Use SEO best practices to rank higher in search engines like Google

  • Integrate social media into your website strategy

  • Increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website

As is the case with all BizLaunch events, the ‘Create a Website That Really Works’ webinar is completely free to attend. So why not sign up to learn the pros best-kept Web design secrets?

See you there!

About the Presenter:

Sherry Santamaria brings over 15 years experience in marketing and product/service development for small businesses. She began her career in marketing research where she led studies to gain insight into market needs. Sherry currently manages Retail Web Services and Logo Design for Deluxe, focusing on bringing innovative branding and website solutions to marketing to help small businesses promote themselves and grow. This includes leading the LogoMojo by Deluxe design team, small business branding and design experts.


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