How to Win Customers On the First Impression

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Your marketing strategy is all planned out: Your company website is well optimized for search engines, your organic rankings are good, Facebook ads are garnering steady results, and you’re getting a steady stream of consistent traffic. Sounds ideal.

But, there’s one question you need to ask yourself: Are these marketing efforts leading to increased sales?

If the answer is no, there’s no need to throw in the towel just yet—there are other ways to boost your conversion rates. And one of the best ways of achieving this objective is with the help of a well-thought out landing page.

A website—no matter how strong it may be—without a landing page has been aptly compared to the analogy of ‘fishing without a net’. While customers may be being directed to your website, you’re not actively encouraging them to take any decisive action once they get there; so the trick is to give them a compelling reason to interact with your brand. However, creating an effective landing page is both an art and a science; and before you implement one, a great deal of forethought and consideration is required.

If the idea of adding a landing page to your site has piqued your interest, then we have just the webinar for you. With the help of the landing page experts at Deluxe Corporation, we’ll share the secrets of how you can win customers on the first impression and turn clicks into sales.

You’ll find out what important elements are needed on landing pages, how to drive more conversions, and how to monitor your results.

The webinar will also cover:

  • The various kinds of landing pages
  • The best practices in landing page design
  • Ways to capture visitor information
  • Ideas for testing
  • Ways to drive traffic to your landing pages

So join us on Tuesday 23rd July 2013 at 1pm EST to find out more!

Event Details

Name: Win Customers On The First Impression

Date: 23rd July 2013

Time: 1-2pm (EST)

Register: Sign up here




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