Never Worry About Missing a Filing or Tax Deadline Again with CorpNet's B.I.Z.

I recently incorporated my business using CorpNet (here’s my story on the experience), a business filing company. They’re also a client of mine, so let me disclose that up front.

When you start talking about articles of incorporation and statements of information, my head swims. But if you are a corporation or LLC, you know there are certain documents you have to file to stay compliant, at least in the US. Miss a filing or fee payment, and your entity may be dissolved. Then you’ll have to start over again.

CorpNet recently launched its Business Information Zone (B.I.Z.) to help keep entrepreneurs on top of their business filings. The service is free, and you don’t have to be incorporated through CorpNet. You can store your filing documents in the cloud on the platform, making it easy to retrieve those documents when you need them (I’m always looking for my EIN document). And you’ll get compliance and tax alerts to help you stay on time and compliant.

bizIf you’re like me, any tool (especially free) that can help you not have to worry about something as important as filing deadlines is one worth investigating. CorpNet makes it easy, if you should choose, to order the filings you need to be taken care of by the company. So I can DIY it, and go to the IRS and find the right form, fill it out, mail it in with a check and wait, hoping it arrived on time, or I can hand it over to CorpNet. It’s nice to have options.

When I filed my corporation, I took the more DIY route (I do much of the work, but they initiated the process). Now that I see how easy it is to click a button and get a document filed, I’m considering handing over the reins to CorpNet.

What business tools (free or otherwise) do you use to help you be more efficient in your company?


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