Let Your Customers Sell For You

Still think that you do the selling in your company? Think again. These days, with review sites growing in popularity, it’s the customers who do the selling (or not) for your brand.


Take Yelp. With more than 36 million reviews, it’s becoming the site people go to in order to find the best restaurants and shops. And users are eagerly sharing their own experiences after the purchase. I know I personally read reviews for any restaurant I’m not familiar with, and I’m always pleased with the food when I pick one with great reviews.

Amazon, too, does a great job of letting the customer speak for the product. Just look at the thousands of reviews, good and bad, for everything from books to clothing on the site.

Do Not Be Afraid!

It’s scary to put the future of your business in the hands of your customers, but you have no choice; they’ll do it anyway. By encouraging reviews and responding to positive and negative comments, you show that your company is one willing to accept constructive criticism.

If you do get a negative review, respond promptly. If there is irate language in the review, ignore it and focus on the core issue. What made the customer dissatisfied? How can you rectify the situation? Do so publicly so others can see that you are proactive in fixing customer issues. Best case scenario? You change a disgruntled customer to a happy one, and she updates her review. Worst case? You show other potential customers your level of commitment to their satisfaction and get new customers as a result.

Getting Started

See if you have a Yelp page for your company (you don’t have to be the one to set it up, so you may have one, even if you don’t know you do). Claim the business so you can log in as the business owner and respond directly to comments. Thank each Yelper personally for his feedback.

If you sell on Amazon or other third party site, pay attention to feedback here as well. If you sell products, this can be a great focus group, helping you understand what improvements you need to make to your products.

Add checking your reviews to your marketing calendar, and do so regularly. If you can set it up so that you get notifications whenever there is a new review, this will help you streamline the “review reviewing” process and save you time.

Want more tips for maintaining your online presence? Join us for our free webinar, “Why Your Business Needs to Get Found Online – Zero Moment of Truth” on May 7 at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern.


Photo Credit: Yelp.com via Compfight cc


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