Your Business Needs to Sponsor an Event

Cross country race

What kind of advice is that? You’re a small business and if we’re honest, there might be times when paying the bills is nothing short of a miracle. Maybe you are past the beginning stages of development, have a little bit of capital saved, but opening another location, hiring a new employee, or upgrading your computer systems is much higher on the list than sponsoring the next community half marathon.

Those are all valid reasons for not jumping on the community support bandwagon but there are plenty of reasons why you should reconsider.

It’s a Reason to Reach Out

You know that a quick way to annoy your customers is to send out the latest edition of your monthly newsletter filled with information they don’t care about. You’re doing it because you want to keep your brand fresh in their mind but if you don’t have anything to say or any value to add, it backfires.

Announcing that you’re sponsoring a community event not only gives you a good reason to contact your customers, it will give you numerous good reasons in the future.

It’s a Way to Spread Your Brand

If your name is on the back of some T-shirts, that would seem like a great way to spread your brand but in reality may not be the best way to leverage the sponsorship. Instead, work with the organizers to advertise a special promotion, sell at the event, or place your brand all over the event.

Publicize the event in your marketing materials. Because their values align, charitable companies tend to attract customers who are charitable as well. These are often high quality, revenue-generating customers.

It’s a Way to Rally Your Employees

Things feeling a little ho-hum at the office? Every day, your employees show up for work and every day they leave. In between, it’s more of the same. Involve your employees in the event. Use it as an employee wellness motivator, offer incentives for those who get involved, and invite your employees’ families to get involved as well.

Make this event a way to inject something new into the usual nine to five routine.

Go Big with Your Sponsorship

Sure, you could sign on for multiple events and be one of the low-level sponsors but if your goal is to get some return in the form of marketing, you need to be the headline sponsor. The biggest sponsor gets all of the prime brand positioning.

It’s better to sponsor one event in a big way than multiple events where you blend in with other small sponsors and get overshadowed by the headliner.


When you sponsor an event, you may not make all of your money back in terms of new customers or increased sales. For this reason, pick an event or cause that you believe in and be a sponsor because you want to give back.

However, understand that if you sponsor a high visibility event and you work with the sponsors to put your brand in front of customers, the chances of you seeing financial benefit are high.


One response to “Your Business Needs to Sponsor an Event

  1. I love this idea of sponsoring events, especially for small business.

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