How to Determine How Many Times You Should Post to Your Blog

Blog orangeIf you had a dollar for every article read about how many times to post to your blog or social media site, what could you buy? A new TV? An iPad or two? You’ve probably read one of millions (yes, literally millions, according to Google) of articles that claim to have the answer to the elusive question, “How much is enough and how much is too much?” The articles often have catchy titles that say something like, “Here’s the real answer.”

Then there are those articles that have far less Facebook “likes” attached to them because they tell you the truth. They simply say, “It depends.” That, of course, is not what people want to hear. The truth is that it does depend. It depends on a long list of variables that may not apply to your business. Even if that article writer owned a business in the same industry as yours, if she were honest, she would still say, “It depends.”

That does not mean that there’s no help to be found. It just means that you have to do some testing on your own. Here’s how to take, “It depends” to a concrete answer.

How Much Can you Write?

Unless you’re a writer by trade, your primary revenue-driving activity isn’t writing blog posts. You should spend the bulk of your time performing tasks that directly translate to revenue. If you’re a financial adviser, you should spend most of your day meeting with clients. Blog or social media posting should happen in your spare time.

How much spare time do you have? How many posts can you write a month? Let’s go with 10 posts.

How Much Traffic is Enough?

When it comes to traffic, it takes a lot to make an impact but you don’t need millions of monthly users. If you don’t have a lot of traffic now, aim for growth and that growth might not take as many blog posts as you think. Set either an actual traffic target or a percentage of growth. If you have little traffic, 10 percent growth is an attainable goal.

Half Your Production

If you can produce 10 each month, produce only five in the next 30 days. If you meet your traffic goal, five per month is enough until you change your goal or start to slow down. If you’re well under your goal, add two or three in following days. If you’re close, add one.

If you surpassed your goal, keep the same schedule or if those five took more time than you expected, drop back to four.

What if changing the frequency of posts doesn’t change anything?

First, your posts should be of high quality. If you’re reposting other people’s content or it’s the same recycled information from other posts, readers won’t share your article. Make it high quality, actionable, and conversational.

Next, are you promoting your article on social media? Do you have friends that would help promote your article on their site? Consider something besides an article. Is there a white paper or other authoritative report you could produce? If it’s full of unique information, a little bit of promotion will result in widespread sharing.

Bottom Line

No article will give you the answers you need. Test the frequency of your postings, the type of content, the best places to promote it, and whether paying for a sponsored post on Facebook will produce results that allow you to meet your goal.


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