How to Make Your Business a Part of the Growing Online Video Craze

Do you remember the early days of the online advertising? It was mostly about text with a few pictures thrown into the mix. As broadband Internet became the standard for consumers, videos, thanks to YouTube and higher resolution images, quickly found popularity.

Text is still integral to every online marketing strategy but video is what’s hot. Some will say it’s a fad but plenty of evidence indicates otherwise. According to comScore, Internet users watched 36.2 billion videos in January. YouTube had the majority of viewers at 150 million. Next, Facebook with 57 million.

What does that say for small-business owners? With the number of ad views at 9.1 billion in January, the popularity of online video is exploding. How can you leverage this growing trend? Here’s how.

Embrace Viddy

Haven’t heard of it? Think of Viddy as the video version of Twitter. Through its app, users can record 30 second videos to share with followers, much like Twitter. Also much like Twitter, Viddy is catching on with businesses as a branding tool. Brands like General Electric use Viddy to share short ad pieces.

In the world of social media, your customers expect to see you and your company uncensored. Viddy is a way to be real and add personality to your business.

The Traditional Route

Maybe you or an employee has some experience or expertise in video production. If you do, make a video on your own but keep these tips in mind.

1) Lose the cool background – Plain colors always look best. Have you seen an Apple commercial lately? If the highly paid, big budget producers of Apple’s commercials like a plain white background, it will work just fine for your video. Plain backgrounds look good even if you don’t have professional quality cameras.

2) Speaking of quality – If you want your video to look professional, you’re going to need high quality equipment and that’s going to cost a lot. If you don’t have that kind of budget, hiring somebody to make it look professional might be the best strategy. If not, play up the fact that your video is raw and real.

3) Simple edits – The key to a good web video is to keep it as small as possible. The bigger it is, the longer it will take to load. People won’t wait very long for your video to load. Keep the size down by minimizing panning, zooming, and other effects. These additions don’t compress well and will keep your video large and slow to load.

4) Use professional software – Although there are plenty of free video editing websites and apps to download, you get what you pay for. If you plan to make video a key part of your advertising strategy, invest in high quality software or hire somebody to edit for you. A video can be a big waste of your time if not done well.

5) Keep your message clear – What do you want the viewer to take away from your video? Know the goal before you start producing. The best creative minds know that less is more so keep the message simple and concise.


Before investing time into producing a video, remember that the time you take to produce the video is time away from activities that directly grow your business. If it’s going to take a week to produce it, hire somebody. However, make no mistake, video is worth the investment. It’s growing and it’s showing no signs of letting up.

For more on producing videos for your business, view our webinar, The Power of Video Optimization.


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