Why You Need a Small Business Mentor

As a small business owner, there’s so much you haven’t learned. There are mistakes to be made, and successes to achieve. But what if that path to success could be a little shorter? What if there were someone who could guide you around the common pitfalls in your industry and help you reach your goals sooner?

Having a mentor can help you as a business owner in many ways.

You Learn from an Industry Pro. If you choose someone that has worked in your industry for a while, you’ll benefit from all the knowledge he’s attained in the process. He can introduce you to useful contacts in the market and guide you on key business decisions.

You Find Out What Mistakes to Avoid. A good mentor will lay out the mistakes he’s made in the hopes of helping you avoid them yourself. Having advice on what not to do is as important as getting advice on what you should do to grow your company.You Have Someone to Bounce Ideas Off Of. Sometimes simply voicing your concerns or ideas out loud can help you better assess their validity. And having someone who understands the industry listen to you can provide you the feedback you need to make an informed decision.

You Can’t Do It Alone. Many small business owners think they’ve got to shoulder all the burden and worry of their company alone, when in fact that’s not true. Having someone to share frustrations with and get input from is what every entrepreneur needs in order to successfully grow a business. Simply opening up to someone else can go a long way toward your personal and professional growth.

They Want to Help. You’ll see one day when you’re ready to mentor someone yourself: mentors want to help you succeed. It’s that “if I had known then what I know now” mentality that drives them to helping others in the industry do better and achieve success faster than they did.

Look for a mentor who you get along with. Consider people you meet at networking events and trade shows, as well as your contact list. You never know where you will find a great mentor!

For more information on choosing a mentor, please attend our free webinar, “Why Mentoring is a Must for Small Businesses” on March 21, 2013 at 1 pm Eastern.

Photo Credit: inlinguaManchester via Compfight cc


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