10 Things You Didn't Know About PR

If you’re not using press releases and public relations to effectively expand your reach, you’re missing out on serious opportunity. But if you are, here are a few things you might not know.

1. Journalists Don’t Care About Your Brand.

As awesome as you think your news is, you’ll be turned down or ignored by 99% of journalists or bloggers. Don’t be the company that cried wolf: only pitch when you have coverage-worthy news.

2. Press Releases Are More About SEO Than Publication Coverage.

Journalists don’t typically read releases (see #1), but the biggest benefit of press releases being published online is the SEO juice they provide.

3. The Best Time to Pitch Your News Is…

Midweek and midday. Most people delete a ton of emails when they get in the office on Mondays, and are less likely to want to read pitches on Friday afternoons.

4. You Shouldn’t Attach Your Press Release in an Email

No one likes receiving email with attachments from people they don’t know. Make it available upon request, or include the link to the online version.

5. Followup is Key

Most journalists won’t respond to your initial pitch, so it’s important to follow up a week or so later to ensure your email beat the spam filters. This also serves as a gentle reminder that you’re awaiting a response.

6. Headlines are of the Utmost Importance

If your headline is stuffy, who will click on it? Keep it relatively short but make sure the reader understands what the release is about in general, and that it’s engaging enough to make her want to click on it.

7. It Plays Nicely with Social

You can share your press release link on Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter for even better amplification, and your contacts can also share it.

8. Analytics Tells You Much

If you look at your Google Analytics for your website, you can see which press release sites are sending traffic your way, and can decide where to take your PR strategy from there. You might find certain news topics garner more attention than others.

9. It Should be Part of The Big Picture

PR is fantastic, especially if you’re also using internet marketing, blogging, social media and email marketing to reach new customers. Use it to complement the other tools in your marketing arsenal.

10. You Don’t Need to Hire a Pro

Many small businesses think writing press releases and pitching the media is difficult, but it’s not. With a little effort, your company can be its own PR powerhouse!

Want more great advice about public relations? Please sign up for our free webinar on March 14, 2013 at 1 pm Eastern: “10 Low Cost – No Cost Ways to Get Publicity for Your Small Business.”

Photo Credit: DBduo Photography via Compfight cc


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