Learn How to Manage Cash Flow Challenges – Webinar for Alberta Small Business Owners

Small business webinar

You’ve heard it before, “the cheque is in the mail,” “we lost your invoice,” or the old standby “our accounts payable person is on vacation.” These excuses can be dangerous to your business because it means you aren’t getting paid on time for your goods and services.

Improving your cash flow can make your business more profitable, so make sure you attend the “Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Business” webinar on January 24 at 1 pm MT. (If you don’t live in Alberta, but want to attend a cash flow webinar click here).

At this webinar you’ll learn:
• The main causes of cash flow problems
• Cash flow management tips you can apply to your business
• Strategies to keep the cash flowing
• Why you need to develop a cash flow forecast
• Simple ways to ease cash crunches and improve your daily cash flow

Webinar details
Date January 24, 2013 at 1 pm MT
Cost There is no cost to attend this webinar
Click here to sign up for this event

Small business experts from ATB Business and BizLaunch will be there to answer your biggest cash flow questions, so make sure you sign up for this event! What’s even better is that there is no cost to attend.

About your host:
Andrew Patricio is a small business expert with more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is the author of two books about how to run a successful small business, he delivers hundreds of webinars every year to entrepreneurs across North America, and he has traveled the world training and advising thousands of small business owners.


One response to “Learn How to Manage Cash Flow Challenges – Webinar for Alberta Small Business Owners

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