78% of Business Owners are Now Using Social Media – BizLaunch Research

Infographic - Social Media Habits of Small Business Owners

This past summer we surveyed over 200 business owners in North America to see how they are using social media for business. If you operate a B2B business and are curious to know how you can connect with other business owners on social media, keep reading!

How Business Owners Use Social Media

How many business owners do you know? Would you consider most of them to be social media savvy? According to a recent survey from BizLaunch, 78% of small business owners are now using social media as part of their overall marketing efforts.

Why Small Business Owners Use Social Media

According to the research, the top three reasons why business owners use social media is to build awareness, get more leads, and to interact with their customers. This makes sense when you think about how effective social media can be in each of these three areas. The top three sites most used by business owners are Facebook (69%), LinkedIn (50%), and Twitter (48%). It is surprising that more business owners aren’t using LinkedIn for business since it can be an effective tool for sales and networking.

Challenges that Small Business Owners Have on Social Media

According to the research, the top challenges that business owners face with regard to social media is using it properly, getting interaction from their followers, and finding content to post on their accounts. These challenges are common to all companies whether they are big or small and we cover a few tips later on in this post about how to overcome some of these frustrating problems.

How Often Small Business Owners are Using Social Media

49% of survey respondents reported to using social media at least once a day or more, and 52% said that they normally check their social media accounts before 12 pm. The survey also asked business owners what causes them to start or stop following a particular brand on social media. The number one reason that small business owners follow a brand on social media is because the company provides them with interesting information. The number one reason they stop following a brand is because the content posted is not relevant to them.

Why Small Business Owners Want Good Content

This goes to show that small business owners want good content. They want to better their current situation in some way, so by providing educational tools, videos, or articles you can help them grow. This type of small business content marketing builds trust with your followers who will then think of you the next time they need a product that you are selling.

A Few Best Practices for Marketing to Small Business Owners on Social Media

– Choose a few accounts that your customers are on and do a great job of posting and interacting with customers on those sites.
– Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
– Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time post content about your industry and 20% of the time post about your products/services to get more interaction from your followers. You should also share photos as these seem to get more interaction from followers on Facebook.
– Set up a few Google Alerts for your industry and share the links that are making news in your particular area of business.
– You can also re-purpose content that you already have from whitepapers, research or presentations in new ways. Infographics like the one in this post are a great way to share top 10 lists, research, or just about anything.

To see more results from this research you can download the eBook called, “Best Practices for Reaching Business Owners on Social Media,” or visit Bizlaunch.com for more information.


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