10 Benefits to Public Relations

If you’ve been putting all your efforts into marketing your business using social media, blogs and Internet marketing, you’re missing out on a valuable ingredient in this recipe: public relations. While the primary goal of public relations–or PR–is to get the media (journalists and bloggers) to write about your brand, there are also other benefits to putting in the effort.

1. It Provides Great SEO

Writing and distributing a press release on an online distribution site brings you plenty of SEO karma. After all, that press release gets distributed to dozens of news and industry websites, so your link is essentially multiplied across the web. Using keywords that apply to your brand also helps you rise up the search engine results.

2. It Introduces Your Brand to Consumers

In addition to journalists and bloggers stumbling across your release and finding out about your company, you also get consumers who find out about you by searching the keywords you use in your press release, then finding your news online.

3. It Helps You Keep Tabs on Your Industry

If you’re doing a good job of building relationships with the media, you’re staying on top of the news and trends they write about. This can help you in a few ways:

  • It gives you ideas about topics for your own press releases
  • It helps you create intelligent pitches to these journalists
  • It helps you come up with new ideas for products

4. It Gives You Something to Tweet About

The nice thing about PR is that it ties in with what you’re already doing. So if you’re big on Twitter, you can now share your press releases with your followers. And they can retweet the link, helping it reach even more people.

5. It Makes Your Company Seem Important

Having a steady stream of news coming from your company makes it seem like there are big things in the works, whether there are or not. Simply by having a news page on your site and issuing regular releases, you show that you’re being proactive as a company, and that appeals to people.

6. It Keeps Your Site Fresh

Google loves novelty, and if you never update your web copy, there’s nothing new for Google to see. But if you’re regularly adding snippets from your recent releases, Google likes it, and will move you up search results accordingly.

7. It Makes You View Your Company Objectively

PR is centered around news, and it sometimes takes companies a while to figure out what actually constitutes as news. It’s not talking about how great your product is; it’s sharing an occurrence or fact. A product launch is news; the fact that your customers like it isn’t. After writing a few press releases, you begin to see the difference.

8. It Makes You a Leader

Simply because not every company does its own PR or hires a firm to help with it will make you stand out if you do create a PR strategy. In addition to blogging useful content and answering questions on social sites, having a solid PR campaign establishes you as an expert in your industry.

9. It Puts a Face to Your Company

When you do get the attention of the media, you as the company leader will have ample opportunity to be interviewed and put a personalized face to your brand. This is a unique opportunity, so consider how you want to be perceived.

10. It Sells More Hotcakes

PR is completely trackable using your site’s analytics tools, so you can see exactly which press release or interview led people to click to your site and then buy. Remember that public relations is key in any marketing strategy, so don’t overlook it the next time you’re polishing up your plan.

Photo: …bung on Flickr


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