This Solstice Marks the Beginning of Innovative Coaching

Recently, I had an opportunity to ask Solstice Group owner, Lora Crestan, about her business. “I operate a four year old executive and leadership coaching business that reaches all over North America. I focus on senior and executive business leaders as well as entrepreneurs, helping them to leverage their strengths to create lasting organizations that leave a legacy of leadership.”

The business

When asked how she came up with her business idea, Lora replied, “I have always been a coach. In my corporate life-past, my style was to coach others to help them succeed. Asking questions and allowing others to come up with solutions, set their own action steps and hold them accountable became such a natural process for me in people development. Seeing the ‘ah-ha’ moment is what drives me to coach.

The ideal customer

“My ideal customer is a business leader who is looking for support, accountability and a sounding board outside of their business. They need/want new perspectives and want a safe place to share ideas, dig into strategy and new plans. This client usually cannot seek that same type of space and conversation inside the organization as it is difficult to involve the team in those types of discussions and processes. I currently find that most of my clients businesses are going through transition and seeking change – some generational, some exponential growth – so tackling these sensitive opportunities is difficult from the inside.”

What makes Solstice Group different

“We offer private coaching as well as Mastermind Teams. The benefit of offering 2 types of coaching opportunities helps clients learn the benefits of coaching while sharing their own experiences with other business owners. Suddenly there is a place for them to vent, not feel alone in their challenges, learn that others can help them even if not in the same industry and of course, that there is always potential to grow.”

“Also, I am a huge LinkedIn and marketing fan! I offer training services to my clients and also use that as workshop opportunities to help gather more prospects.”

On being a business owner

“One of the things I love is the opportunity to use my talents and skills in new ways; to set my own agenda; to be an operator; to mentor other business owners; to make a contribution to my community.”

On the other hand, “ I miss the team atmosphere (so to solve this I participate in Leadership Windsor Essex and host Leadercast which gives me team support); I dislike all administrative work that comes along with being a small business owner and am learning to find others who can provide these services to me.”

Lessons Learned

1. Every plan you make depends on the execution – so make good plans.

2. It can be lonely so you need to seek others to share ideas and expand your thoughts.

3. Networking is key – and in-person is the only way to start a relationship. I am a huge fan of social media networks, but they are an additional way to connect with people you know and want to grow in a relationship. This is key to marketing strategy.


Lora, councils to “be ready for the ups & downs. Build your plan and review quarterly to ensure you are on your marks, adjust as needed. (Realize your plan is just that and needs to be worked regularly). Measure everything to find out what is working and duplicate it, what’s not working – tweak or eliminate. Stick to your core – be really good at what you are passionate about and work hard to keep from straying!”

To contact Lora:


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