Human Resources in a Box

John Box started his unique Human Resources Consulting business three years ago after identifying a unique niche. “We provide support to small organizations in the area of Human Resources management. The basic idea is to provide assistance to those organizations that are small or are not in a position to have full time Human Resources staff through the provision of project assistance, training, and day-to-day advice on appropriate issues.”

The Business

John had experience working with and in small organizations, and noticed that while each organization had staff, they did not always have the support that they should when it came to a complicated area, such as Human Resources. In particular, he noticed that there was often only one real manager or leader in the organization, who was being asked to have expertise in a number of different areas, and that they were spending an awful lot of time (and therefore money) trying to research or make informed decisions in areas they were not familiar with. John adds that he, “recognized this as a business opportunity that matched my interest and skill in problem solving, and so I decided to go for it.”

Ideally, John likes to work with small organizations, with less than 100 staff, that recognize the importance of staff and are committed to doing the right thing.

John brings his personal background in Human Resources that spans more than 30 years, in a variety of sectors, including municipal, not-for-profit, health care, and hospitality. This duration and nature of his experience has put him in a position where he has dealt with a wide variety of issues, and therefore can deal quickly and effectively with the issues his clients require assistance on. “If I don’t know the answer right away, I know where to find it, and to give it to my clients in a way that will work best for them.”

On Being a Business Owner

“I have the ability to decide what and how I will do something, and to be able to make a difference in a number of different organizations. Wearing different hats at different times- one minute you provide the service, another you are marketing the service, and then you are billing the client for the service! Also, I am able to work from home and limit my expenses.”

The only thing he doesn’t enjoy is the uncertainty- of having enough work and income. “That is, however, also part of the challenge, and therefore part of the fun!”

Lessons Learned

1. Be patient, but don’t just sit around waiting for them to come to you.
2. Provide a unique service, based on your own personality and style.
3. Constantly review what you have done, and do it better. Try new things, even if they don’t work.
4. If it’s not fun for you, it’s not worth it.
5. Have a good support team- of friends and colleagues.

Future Goals

John would like to start providing mediation services to the public. This will give them access to cost-effect dispute resolution, on matters ranging from individual employee disagreements to settling neighborhood spats. “In essence,” John adds, “it’s like starting a whole new business!”

Advice to Others

“Timing is important. Start the business when there is a demand for it, particularly once you have confirmed that through your own research. And from a more personal perspective, do it not because you think you have to because you have run out of other options (out of work, etc.), but because you really want to do it, with the confidence and support that will be necessary for success.”

Those looking to access JMBox Human Resources may locate him at:
JM Box Consulting Services
(519) 903-5634


One response to “Human Resources in a Box

  1. Gerald Martin

    The timing is definitely important. You have to check out the trends in your industry if you want to know when exactly is the best time to open a business. That’s one of the reasons why a good planning stage has to be done. There are businesses out there which you can start anytime, like being an SEO reseller, but you still have to take note of how many will actually want to avail of your services. Connect with the people so that you’ll know when they need something.

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