New Internet Business Sparked by Desire and A Book

Business on the Internet

I recently had the opportunity to pose some questions to new business owner, Greg Fields. Here is an excerpt from his responses.

When asked to describe his business, Greg commented that, “Fields of Treasures is an on-line Jewelry store that creates a great shopping experience which entices the customer to make a purchase; inspiring a good feeling, self-confidence, and the desire to return for more.”

Book sparks business

Greg stated that he had read the book, “Get Rich Click” by Mark Ostrofsky. “Mark owns 8 internet based companies with revenues of over $75 million annually. His book teaches SEO optimization, affiliate marketing, social network selling, etc. My wife and I have always wanted to open a business. She came up with fashion jewelry shortly before I read in the book that jewelry is one of the easiest items to convert customers from traditional retail to internet. I had always heard that the internet had great potential.” And the business was born.

Of course, many people have attempted to develop successful businesses on the internet and have failed. Greg is confident that with great products and a solid long term plan, he and his wife will be able to grow the business and then to expand to other items. “Maybe home goods. We want to be the new Homesense or Kirklands.”

Ideal Customer Identified

Given the nature of the online business, Greg identifies his ideal customer as women between 30 to 55 who want to look great and feel good.

The Adventure of Owning a Business

In the business’s early stages, Greg already sees the benefits of being a business owner. “I love the independence of the hours. (I work long hours but when I choose). I love the challenge of applying the lessons I have learned over many years to my own company.” And the downside? “What’s not to like? I have freedom, vast earning potential and can run the company my way.”

Although his business is less than a few months old, Greg has already learned one important lesson. “Always expect the unexpected. There are many hurdles to jump but their worth it.”

And his advice for others who are thinking about starting their own businesses is simple. “Go for it. There will be many sleepless nights but the sense of accomplishment is worth it.”

Name: Greg Fields
Business Name: Fields of Treasures
Location: Belle River, ON Canada


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