Your Go-To Basic Hiring Guide

When it’s time to start staffing your small business, you may be a little out of your league. While you’ve been interviewed more times than you can count, you’ve never been the one conducting the conversation. Who you hire is critical to your business’s success, so it’s important that you do it right the first time around. Use this as a guide for your hiring process.

“Entrepreneurs must boil down their staffing plan to a handful of people who can get the company’s product or service to market.” –

Hiring Checklist

Before you begin the hiring process, it’s important that you lay out exactly what you want and what you can give. This will help you to run productive interviews, and be able to assess them quickly and easily. Your hiring checklist will be referred to, and most likely edited, multiple times during this process.

You want it to be specific and realistic.

• Positions: What positions do you need filled? What can you do without for now?

• Expectations: What do you expect from each position? List specific job duties, necessary knowledge, experience levels etc.

• Pay rates: This is when it’s critical that you are realistic. How much can you actually pay?

• Medical Benefits: Some companies don’t offer them – as it has become more common place, you can decide whether that is something you can provide at this time or not.

• Social Environment: Startups have a reputation for being an exciting and social work environment. What does your company offer – Happy hour on Fridays? Catered lunches once a week? Flexible hours?

Finding Employees

This will be the tough part – finding employees you can trust with the life of your small business. However, when you’re clear in what you want, you can be sure to find the right people. To do this, you can turn to a variety of sources

• Referral: Ask close relatives, friends and old co-workers. “According to a recent Mercer survey, more than 70% of HR professionals and recruiters believe that employee referral is the most effective method of recruiting.” –

• Networking: Were you impressed by co-workers in the past? Did you meet a promising young business person at that last networking event? Get communications flowing with anyone you think might be the right fit.

• Niche Sites: Post on sites that recruit for your business niche. This ensures you’ll get applicants that are truly interested in the positions.

Interview Process

Once you’ve found your applicants, it’s time to get talking. This process is critical to deciding whether or not the candidates will be a good fit for your business. To be successful, you should go into the interview knowing what you want to come out of with.

• Your expectations: What do you want to get out of it? This way you’ll know how the candidate stacks up to what you want.

• Start with general questions: Get to know the person. They should be a fit for the job both on their resume and in personality.

• Job related: These questions will vary from person to person, but remember to be specific.

Post Interview Assessments

Upon completing your interviews, you’ll need to assess and refer to other sources.

Background check: Consider running background checks, depending on the candidate and your personal beliefs.

• Second opinions: If you have a business partner, bring potential candidates in for a second interview to get another opinion.

It’s important to remember that hiring is a long process, which can take several weeks. But, knowing what you want for each position will significantly cut down on time spent interviewing. Plan accordingly, be specific, and you’ll be fully staffed in no time.

Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to telemarketing services. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including payroll processing for lead generation resource, Resource Nation.


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