Getting Your Business Noticed

In today’s media-saturated world, it can be hard for your business to stand out. The secret to getting more exposure is to use a mix of traditional and new media marketing to attract prospects in many different ways. Combining your approaches should help drive more traffic to your door, and convert more prospects into customers.

Traditional Tactics

Create a referral program Your existing customers are your best marketing program and your best salespeople. Their positive word of mouth can drive more business to you than any other tool. While we will discuss new media tactics to help them briefly, one of the key things that you can do is to set up a referral program that rewards them for sending customers to your business. This does two things for you. First, it lets them know that you appreciate them and increases their loyalty. Second, creating a program and reminding them of it helps to keep you at the top of their mind, making it more likely that they will remember to recommend you.

Update your signageMany businesses design a sign when they open and continue using it forever. This is foolish since a good sign can draw customers in with no incremental effort or cost. Design styles and signage technology have evolved over the years. Furthermore, we know more about how to make a sign not only eye-catching but also “sticky” than we have in the past. For this reason, you should hire a firm that specializes in designing business signs and custom signs to review and, as appropriate, modify your business’s signage.

New Media Tactics

Redesign your website. Just as you used a professional business signs and custom signs designer for your company’s real-world face, hire a professional designer to update your company’s face on the internet. While social networks are important in building your online identity, a well-designed website lets customers connect with you and get information on your products in a medium that you control.

Harness Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter let you have a two-way conversation with customers and prospects in a public forum. Use them to let people know about new promotions or new services. Many businesspeople create special contests and sales just for Twitter and Facebook users. These incentivize people to “like” you online and consent to receiving your marketing messages.

Create a blog. A blog is a great place for you to share your passion for your business. You can post on just about anything, but keeping it related to your company will concentrate its value. Consider making posts on such things as new products, developments in your industry, tips and tricks on how to use what you sell, and related things. You can also share your posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as getting links from similar blogs and from directories of similar blogs.
Although there are more businesses than ever before clamoring for your customer’s attention, there has been an even greater explosion in the number of channels to communicate with consumers. Crafting a customer contact strategy that leverages both traditional and new media communication tools is the first part of success. The second part is to engage in communication with your customers in multiple ways, keeping yourself in their minds by providing valuable content. Doing this will help you to outperform your competition and achieve a new level of success for your business.

Brandon Serna is a writer for FASTSIGNS, a leading signage company that specializes in business signs, traffic signs, custom car wraps, vehicle wraps and many other visual communication services.


One response to “Getting Your Business Noticed

  1. I would also add that if possible, do speaking engagements at events related to your business area. It’s a great way to quickly establish you and your business as experts in your field.

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