Is following your heart sound business advice?

According to Sunflower Organic Café founder, Patricia Julian, it is, and that is the advice she would give new business owners. “You must always work from the heart and feel inspired by the people that you meet inside your business. People come in with all sorts of dietary needs and we do our best to meet each one. Although, I have never ran or owned a café before I feel like each day I am feeding a hungry family. It is really enjoyable and rewarding.”

Sunflower Organic Café is Windsor, Ontario’s only 100% organic café featuring Free Range, Fair Trade and Freshly Made menu items that include vegetarian and gluten free choices. Two freshly made soups daily that offer one vegetarian and one gluten free. The café is 100% recycled materials that feature a funky collection of tea pots and dishes. Additionally, the menu is simple and tasty. Everything is organic. The free range burger and vegetarian burgers are topped with living organic sunflower sprouts that Julian says are a hit with patrons.

When asked how she came up with the idea for her business, Julian replied, “Our family has been eating organic and thought that others might enjoy the opportunity to try organics. Drouillard Road seemed the perfect place to launch the idea with its major revitalization project already underway. We have been welcomed with open arms by the community and look forward to participating in their organic co-op garden this summer.”

Julian says the best part about being a business owner is, “the opportunity to share my love of tasty, nutritious food with others. I so enjoy the ‘YUM’ that I hear when people eat the food.”

Sunflower Organic Café is open every morning for breakfast that includes a complimentary tea or coffee with every entrée. Saturdays they offer an acoustic guitarist from 8pm to 11pm and are open Tuesday through Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday from 8am to 11pm.

Owner’s Name: Patricia Julian
Business Name: Sunflower Organic Cafe
Location: 1659 Drouillard Rd., Windsor , Ontario N8Y 2S4


4 responses to “Is following your heart sound business advice?

  1. I like that advice. One should really make it a point that he or she is really working hard and motivated by the people that he or she servers. They could be motivated by the money that they earn, but it would be better to appreciate the people around you, whether they’re your customers or your colleagues.

    = Gerald Martin, Resell SEO =

  2. I think following your heart should be a major factor but not the only factor. We also need to listen to practical, sound advice especially from those who have already been successful. Just because it’s something that we want to do in our hearts, it doesn’t mean that we always come up with the best ways to get to success. Following our hearts certainly keeps us honest in terms of doing what we feel our in our values but as far as the practical plans to get there, we also need sound business advice to complement it.

  3. Thank you for writing this piece, you have captured our commitment to organic food and the people we serve it to beautifully. We have shared it on our facebook and encourage your readers to have a look at our page.

    Take care and keep it organic!

  4. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

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