How to write a great press release that captures media attention

I recently asked “My Pet’s Butler” founder, Shawn Amerlinck A.H.T., R.V.T. what his techniques were for utilizing the media in building his business. Here is part two of that interview.

What advice would you give someone in putting together a press release?
A press release can save you money in advertising costs. A well thought out press release and a little imagination could start the phone ringing from the media. Advice I would give to anyone writing a press release would be as follows;
– It should not sound like an advertisement. It is used to get the interest of the press.
– Press release should be informative and be presented in an interesting way.
– It’s FREE it is a great way to generate publicity.
– A press release should inform the reader, it should stand out among the rest if you want the reporters and editors to take it seriously.
– Design your press release in such a fashion that it can be used as an article in itself. Have it published so that it draws in potential customers.
– Timing is important. Try to send out your press release so that it gets submitted in the morning, in the area where your largest target base is. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days for getting your press release noticed. Journalists tend to search for story ideas on these days.

What are your long term goals regarding the use of media advertising?
Long-term gains are possible with the use of media advertising. Continuing to increase the volume of traffic so that it will have a significant impact on my business in the future. Great links can result from successful media coverage and result in long-term results, repeated success with media will allow me to bring in long-lasting clients and repeat clients , and I would like to start gaining recognition from other businesses and continue to increase traffic as more people become familiar with my business. One of my goals is to make My Pet’s Butler a household name. I want to build a strong brand, have name recognition and be seen as a leader in this particular market. I want to have a solid, well established plan for what I hope to accomplish with the media in the future.


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