I'm looking for 'the one'

This may sound like the beginning of a personal ad, but when you’re hiring someone to work for your small business it’s all about finding the right person for the job.

Finding the right person can be hard. Most small business owners will agree that hiring is one of the biggest challenges they face and yet there are so many qualified people looking for work. Even if a candidate has a stellar resume and awesome interview skills there’s still no guarantee that the person will be a good fit for the business.

“Hiring is broken,” says Ben Baldwin the Co-founder of a hiring application called ClearFit. According to Ben, the rates for employee turnover, retention and success of new hires haven’t changed much in the past thirty years. “Currently there are 6.5 million small businesses with payroll in North America who spend 60 billion dollars every year on hiring through job boards, newspapers, and recruiters. Most of these businesses don’t know how to find the best job candidates, so they spend a lot of time guessing and about half the time they get it wrong.”

Getting it wrong can be extremely expensive when you consider the amount of time and resources that are spent on recruitment, selection, and training activities. “If you’re a small business it’s basically make or break,” says Ben. Larger companies can usually eat the costs of hiring the wrong person, but for small businesses who need to get it right – the mistake can be fatal if things don’t work out.

That’s where ClearFit comes in. Ben noticed that so many businesses were having issues with the selection process that he decided to make the process easier and more effective. ClearFit is an all-in-one hiring solution that gives small businesses all the tools they need to hire the right employees. The company has partnership agreements with popular career sites like Monster, Workopolis, and Career Builder, so businesses can get candidates the same way they normally would, but ClearFit will provide a rating of how well the candidate matches the job. This is done by asking each candidate to answer questions that are based on the company’s core values and then the answers are used to develop a PDF report that compares the applicant’s motivation, personality and drive to top performers in similar roles. To narrow down the search even further, ClearFit will also provide their clients with interview questions and sample responses that will help them select the best candidate.

The company’s biggest goal for the future is to fix hiring, and they are well on their way. ClearFit has helped thousands of customers hire the right people so they can be sure that they’ve found ‘the one.’

For more information please visit www.clearfit.com . For even more information, attend one of our free small business webinars.


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