How Apps Make You Smarter

I write about lists of apps on some of the blogs I contribute to, but honestly, it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest apps for mobile and tablet! What I love is that there is constant innovation in this space, and these apps help you run your business more efficiently. It doesn’t hurt to show up to a sales meeting with your sleek iPad either!

1. They Make You More Efficient

The goal of apps for small business, in my mind, is to make your business run more smoothly. If they can save you time, make things more mobile or help you do more, I’m all for them.

I love apps that remove the need to write something down. Evernote is an awesome tool for taking notes on the go, and you can even speak your note for hands-free use. Plus, it syncs with your online account so you can access your notes anywhere.

If you’re a consultant and have to track your time for client projects, having an app like Bill4Time makes it easy to keep up with what you’re working on, even if you’re out of the office (PJ Fridays, anyone?).

2. They Beef Up Your Sales

It’s been hard to let go of PowerPoint for all of us (much like letting go of typewriters were when word processors and then computers came out), but with some of the visually appealing presentation design apps out there, it’s a little easier. I’d say presentation apps should be on a tablet like an iPad, because there’s simply not enough screen space on a mobile phone to get the point across. Keynote from Apple is one that’s especially appealing, and you can easily share or print a presentation wirelessly.

If you’re a retail location, it’s key that customers can find you while they’re driving around. I’m not a huge fan of individual store locator apps since being listed on Google Maps (and maybe Yelp) are all people really need, and they’re widely used.

3. You Look Tech Savvy

I don’t care how tech-backwards you feel: if you can use a mobile or tablet app, people who are less tech-savvy will admire you. And that’s always good for business. Take the time to find apps that really work for what you do, and learn them in and out (you certainly don’t want to appear bumbling in front of a client).


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