Small Business Gift Giving 101

While it’s still “only” November, you need to be on your gift giving strategy for your business. It’s customary to give clients gifts, as well as employees and service providers. Here’s what you need to know to make everyone on your list feel appreciated.

1. Determine your budget. You may not be able to afford to give all of your clients $100 gift baskets, and that’s fine.  But you should send something, even if it’s just a handwritten card. Decide how much you can spend on each person. You might have different tiers based on how long you’ve worked with a client and what kind of revenues they bring your business.

2. Look for unique gifts. Think beyond the fruitcake and pen with your company logo. Find ways to please your clients or employees with gifts they’ll actually like. Gift cards are great for employees and service providers, like your delivery person, and gift baskets, bottles of wine and gifts based on hobbies are great for impressing your clients with your attention to detail.

3. Start early. Ideally, you start a few months before the holiday season so that you ensure you have enough free cash to spend on gifts, as well as having time to order gifts for timely delivery (rush shipments get very expensive when you’re sending many). Create a timeline of when you need to start your planning and factor in shipping times, vacation times and holidays themselves.

4. Keep a list. Keep your clients’ addresses handy, either in your CRM system or a spreadsheet that you update annually. Remove and add recipients as needed. Verify addresses each year.

5. Add a personal touch. People like getting holiday cards, so look at sites like Vistaprint for cards you can customize with your logo. But add your own touch by penning a quick, heartfelt message on each card and hand addressing them. It makes a difference!


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