10 Reasons You Should (and Shouldn't) Work From Home

Working from home affords certain freedom that you lose in your morning commute. But it’s not for everyone. Some people need to leave the confines of their personal life to focus on their professional life. Here are the pros and cons of working out of your home.

Why Working from Home Rocks

1. You save money not taking suits and dresses to the dry cleaners. PJs  can go in the perma-press cycle.

2. You’re more efficient not wasting time talking to co-workers about “them Bulls” or their weekend.

3. You save time not commuting to the office.

4. You don’t go out to eat as often (no lure of a co-worker begging you to eat Chinese buffet yet again).

5. You never have to go back to the office if you forget a file on your computer.

6. If you’re a workaholic (and I bet you are) and are sick, you can still trudge through it with your laptop in bed.

7. You can pick up your kids from school.

8. You can work when you’re most productive, which probably isn’t 9-5.

9. You can take a soap opera break.

10. You can create a work environment that inspires you. (I’m not saying fluorescent lights and motivational posters aren’t inspiring, but…)

Why Working From Home Ain’t All That

1. You can’t resist doing the laundry…which makes you miss a deadline.

2. Your kids are at home all day, and want your attention.

3. Your spouse thinks since you work from home, you have plenty of time to run errands.

4. You get lonely.

5. You have a team you need to meet with regularly, and the coffee shop isn’t cutting it.

6. You can take a soap opera break.

7. You aren’t inspired working out of your closet.

8. You don’t want to have your clients step on baby toys on their way to your office.

9. You sell products, and they’re filling up your home office. Where did you put that cat?…

10. You procrastinate when you’re working alone. You need people to motivate you!

Either way you go, make the decision that works best for you. A home office can save you money, but not if you end up drinking your weight in lattes every day!

Photo: Flickr user rintakumpu. Creative Commons 2.0.


One response to “10 Reasons You Should (and Shouldn't) Work From Home

  1. Not having to commute especially in bad weather is probably the single biggest advantage of working out of home for me. However, there are times when really focusing can be a challenge as there can be distractions at home. This is when I have to get out to the local library where I usually get a lot of work done.

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