Why Webinars Work

Webinars are great tools, any way you look at them. From the attending side, you can learn great things from industry experts. From the giving side, hosting webinars helps establish you as an expert in your industry, which can lead to new business. Have you been to a webinar lately?

Webinars for Learning

BizLaunch is big on webinars. And they’re free. They’re centered around topics that you, small business owners, want to know more about. If you live in an area where there aren’t a lot of conferences or seminars, you don’t have to be isolated when it comes to expanding what you know. Just hop online and attend a webinar on virtually any topic under the sun. Voila! Instant smarts!

Webinars can also help you make industry contacts. Most speakers at webinars provide their contact information to participants, which can help you build your network of really smart people. Got a question about writing press releases? Go back through your virtual rolodex to find the speaker at that PR webinar. It’s always good to have smart people as contacts.

Webinars for Presenters

As a business owner, you work daily to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You write blogs. You answer questions on social media channels. Why not add giving webinars to your roster? You don’t have to spend the time and money it takes to speak at conferences, and you can give webinars from your home office any time.

Pick a topic your ideal clients would be interested in. How-to or DIY topics are always popular, as they enable people to help themselves. But that doesn’t mean you have to rule attendees out as potential customers down the road; simply by giving your expertise in a free webinar, you’re building a relationship with people, and you never know where that might lead. Attendees might refer others to you, or hire you down the road.

The technology for hosting webinars has become drastically more affordable (some are free) over the past few years. Sites like GoToMeeting and WebEx help you get started and give you options like including a video or presentation, allowing others to speak on the webinar, or recording it for others to view later.


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