Google +: Facebook Killer or Just Another Social Media Site?

Google is once again hopping on the social media bandwagon, and it’s getting a lot of flack for it, after the failed attempts with Wave and Buzz. This time, Google + might actually threaten Twitter and Facebook. But will it kill them?

Google Plus logo

I have been quick to write off Google +, but I’ve decided to give it a chance. More and more of my friends and business contacts are using it, which of course gives me more reason to hang out there. I’m constantly quizzing advocates of the site on how they use it, trying to find a reason to add it to my daily social media routine.

Without business profiles open to the public just yet, it seems like a big, empty room for me. I use social media for my business, so without the proper tools, I’m left wanting more.  The good news is, Google has heard our cry for business profiles, and plans to speed up the process of giving everyone access.

Here’s how my contacts are using it:

  • Separating their contacts into groups so they can easily read updates from a particular group (I’m in a different mindset when reviewing my Friends updates vs Business)
  • Using it as an aggregate of good and useful blog posts and videos that others have shared
  • Finding out what’s going on in their industry

Is it a Facebook Killer?

I’ve heard people say they like Google + better than Facebook. That they like being able to separate what messages go to which groups. So if you want to share drunk photos with your Friends circle, your Business circle can’t see it. I see the validity in this. But when I use it, more often than not, I share everything with everyone. My friends aren’t there yet; mainly it’s business and social media contacts.

Others say it removes the need for Twitter. I don’t know that it will for me. I’d have to link to my 6,000 contacts to get the same reach through +.

There are still a lot of questions out there for Google +. I feel like we’re all holding our breath, prepared for the site to fail, yet not willing to be left behind if it succeeds. We’re hedging our bets by still playing on Twitter and Facebook, but increasing our investment in Google +. Just in case.

What’s your take? Do you like Google + or find it a waste of time? How do you use it effectively?

Photo: Flickr user Bruce Clay, Inc. Creative Commons 2.0.


2 responses to “Google +: Facebook Killer or Just Another Social Media Site?

  1. For me it’s going to depend on how much of my audience ends up on Google+. If they climb on there, then I’ll have no choice to add it to my social media collection.

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