A Small Business Story

One day I had a hole in my shirt and didn’t want to throw it out. I had been crocheting a lot in my spare time, so naturally, I decided to cover the hole with a crocheted chick. I liked the texture and look of it. I happened to be in a designer consignment store one day in Port Credit, Mississauga, ON, and was chatting with the owner, who expressed interest in my creation. I came back another day to show it to her and she allowed me to sell more clothes with crocheted designs on them on consignment in her store. Now I have clothes and accessories in 7 stores in the GTA, an online website, and can be found at craft shows such as the Distillery Art Market at the Distillery Historic District in Toronto, ON. I sell kids/babies, women’s, and men’s clothing.

Most of my original designs are inspired by nature and wildlife. My part-time work and study in environmental/biological sciences has inspired me to green my business, and so I have developed an eco-line for which I  use 100% organic cotton shirts for my crochet appliques. I currently use acrylic yarn for my designs, which is machine washable and dryer friendly. In an effort to conserve and be more eco-friendly, I have been experimenting by making my own yarn out of old clothing. I will be continuing to look for or develop more eco-friendly yarn.

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One response to “A Small Business Story

  1. I love reading about these small business stories that come out of just trying to fill a small demand.

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