How-To Guide to Creating the Perfect Web Video for Your Organization

These days, as web videos become more popular, it’s not just media companies and large consumer brands that are using videos to promote their organizations. It’s important to understand that web videos are not unlike other projects out there. There is an enormous amount of planning that needs to be done in order to get it right.

Here are some of my quick tips on how to create the best web video for your business:

1. Pick a reliable web video producer
A web video producer should be able to show you samples of the kind of work they are capable of doing. That being said, when analyzing the producer’s work it’s important to look for creative differences in the videos. You want to make sure that your video is treated as unique and special as your business and not part of a cookie cutter production process. Make sure to stick with someone you feel comfortable with and who is willing to take the time to explain how the process works.

2. Create an outline or plan of action
The more planning you do in the beginning the better off your production will be. Consider things like: Where will your video end up when it’s completed? How will you distribute the video across the web? And most importantly who is this video aimed at and what do you want to tell them about your organization? With any production project there is always an element of surprise. Whoops the weather isn’t co-operating, the thingabob that was supposed to work isn’t and the list goes on. It’s important to have thought about what the ultimate goal behind the project, as it can easily get lost in the frenzy on production day. The last thing you want is a beautiful looking video with amazing shots that have your target audience scratching their heads as to what message your video is trying to convey.

3. Get out of the way
Once you’ve decided on the web producer and you’ve both thrashed out a well-put together plan of action, it’s time to let the producer do what they do best. While it’s fantastic that you came up with this great idea that you really want to add in, keep in mind that like any project last minute additions can be costly and in some cases may take your project off the rails. If you really feel that the project is going in the wrong direction get back to the drawing board and start again.

4. Remind yourself of the ultimate goal
When analyzing the video in post-production it can get distracting with all the little things that you’d like to fix (i.e. my hair looks weird, who is that guy in the background, etc.) remember that there is a greater force behind this video beyond you and ultimately it should be about how fans/target audiences will receive the video not necessarily your personal feeling towards specific elements. Hopefully, if you’ve done your planning right, this part should be the most fun. This is also where, if you haven’t planned out what you wanted to say in the first place, costs can add up quickly.

5. Production costs are relative
When it comes to web video production costs, it can be all over the map. Factors affecting costs can include: the complexity of your production, are there multiple location changes? Are there a lot of interviews that need to be conducted? What kind of look do you want to achieve? Keep in mind the higher quality of production you are looking for the higher the cost of equipment. This includes cameras, lighting, audio etc. Producers each have their own way of justifying their fees. Different experience levels, the talent of individuals involved, accessibility to equipment gear all make an enormous difference when it comes to the price you’ll be quoted. Just remember that your web video is an investment in the marketing of your business. You want it to accurately reflect your brand personality and really speak to your target audience.

Sofia Stefou, MBA is Director of Business Development at Sofina Media, a Toronto-based media company that specializes in creating and sharing compelling stories via web video platforms. Follow us on twitter @sofinamedia e-mail us at or visit us at


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