Top Tips for Twitter

Twitter is being used by more and more small and large businesses as a way to build trust with consumers and connect in a meaningful way. That’s not to say everyone’s doing it right; many still haven’t gotten the hang of creating and joining in conversations on this social media platform. Here are my tips for getting the most out of Twitter.

1. Understand That It’s Not About You.

Many businesses get on Twitter and tweet links to their sites or talk about their promotions. While these actions absolutely should be a part of your Twitter strategy, start with caring about your consumers. Twitter is a great listening post, and can help you understand the concerns and issues that are important to your target audience.

You’re there to provide value to this audience. You can do that by sharing relevant links to articles and blog posts. Engage in dialogue. Listen.

2. Really Listen.

In fact, listening is so important, I’ll allot it its own number.  Companies like Dell are realizing that social media allows them to really hear customers, and are devoting staff to providing customer service and conversation monitoring through Twitter. If someone’s complaining about your product on Twitter, you want to know, don’t you? Or if people are complaining about your competitor, that can be a good opportunity for you to win them over as your own customers.

3. Pay Attention to Etiquette.

Just like if you were at a dinner party, you have to play nice on Twitter. If you’re not sure what that means, just spend some time reading what other people put out. You’ll notice the more popular Tweeters don’t send auto-tweets out (the same tweet with a link to their site), and rather create conversations with others. They follow people back. They respond to tweets. They direct message people who want to have private conversations. It’s not hard, so be tuned in to what’s acceptable and what’s not.

4. Experiment.

Don’t be afraid to try different things on Twitter. Test out what time of day gets the best response for a particular tweet.  See what kinds of tweets generate the most clicks. Pay attention and use this knowledge to craft your tweets to get the best response. When is your audience on Twitter? If they’re 9-to-5ers, it’s probably during work hours. Moms tend to be on Twitter after the kids are put to bed.

5. Be Consistent and Persistent.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your Twitter following wasn’t either. Chip away at following more people and getting more engagement. It takes time, and seeing results (clicks to your site and sales) takes time too. Don’t be discouraged. But do be consistent. Get into a routine and try to update Twitter at least 2-3 days a week, if not more. It gets easier, I promise.


One response to “Top Tips for Twitter

  1. I’m still trying to figure how to best approach Twitter, and this really is a great help. Fab article!

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