Rogers to provide in-store small business specialist at 157 retail locations across Canada

Reliable communications technology support allows small business owners to focus on their core business

The vast majority of small business owners (86 per cent) say reliable communications technology support is “essential” in allowing them to focus on their core business, according to a new Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of Rogers Communications Inc. To help them focus on what matters, Rogers has launched Small Business Specialist, an innovative Canada-wide business assistance initiative that gives small business owners direct access to in-store trained specialists across the country who can advise them on all of their business solutions needs.

“Our small business customers have told us they want to conduct business locally with a partner who understands their unique needs,” says John Boynton, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers. “With the support of a Small Business Specialist, our customers can focus time and resources on undertakings that will drive growth and success in their business.”

The survey additionally suggests that support for communications technology including smart phones, Internet and websites could potentially help small businesses to thrive:

· On average, Canadian small business owners spend 6.9 hours a week managing communications technology

· Eight in ten (79 per cent) agree that communications technology support is as important to their business as other professional services they use (i.e. legal, accounting, etc.)

· Eight in ten (80 per cent) small business owners say that customer service makes or breaks their choice of a telecommunications partner

“As a Realtor, my time is very important – I’m always on the go and need to be available and connected to clients,” says Susan Gucci, Royal LePage real estate agent. “The opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with an expert means that I can resolve issues efficiently, allowing me to focus on growing my business.”

Small Business Specialist provides small business owners with information on the latest devices, services and solutions for their business. From smartphones, mobile data plans and roaming options to business-grade office phones, Internet and TV services, these certified experts provide one-on-one consultation by phone or in person at one of 157 dealer locations.

Small Business Specialist builds on the Live AgentTM experience, which provides small business customers with immediate, direct access to a live representative when calling for support. This value-added service enables small businesses to connect with a Rogers representative who will manage their experience with the company, which will streamline communication and reduce time-to-resolution.

For additional details about Small Business Specialist, please visit


2 responses to “Rogers to provide in-store small business specialist at 157 retail locations across Canada

  1. What I like about Rogers is that they have pretty good tech support and customer service – definitely better than one big phone company I won't bother naming.  But one thing that puzzles me about Rogers and is presently preventing me from giving them all my telecommunications business is their lack of toll free numbers for businesses.  I need a toll-free number since I'm global (or at least North America) and I think as of today, I still can't get one through Rogers.  If they are moving into serving small businesses, they should definitely include toll-free numbers as part of the services they offer.

  2. Jeremy O'Krafka (BizLaunch)

    Hi Clint,One of my contacts at Rogers didsome digging for us and found out that Rogers actually does offer 1-800 numbers:  ·        SOHOccustomers are able to add a North American toll-free number.·        IBLccustomers can add North American or International TFNs All the relevant info you need can be found here:

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