Top 5 Reasons To Start Coworking Instead of Working from Home

1. Constantly Learn New Business Techniques
Sharing an office with other independent professionals allows people to connect with people of different skills. Through casual conversation, asking for assistance from a coworker, or learning from a formal presentation the coworking atmosphere builds a strong business community of sharing.

2. Meet Other Ambitious Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs are courageous and smart individuals trying to solve problems and make lives easier. The ideas, energy and network connections exchanged between other go-getters are invaluable to anyone starting a business.

3. A Professional Meeting Space
Meeting a client or giving a presentation can be a real and expensive hassle when Starbucks doesn’t provide enough space or the image you want to portray. Coworking provides a professional boardroom to meet clients at and show impressive presentations at. The ability to access a boardroom will eliminate the time, stress, and expenses that happens when setting up a boardroom for a client meeting on short notice

4. Simplicity and FlexibilityCoworking spaces are designed for small business and start-ups in mind and are designed to keep them flexible and without any hidden fees. Coworking provides a flat rate package that often includes everything that’s needed to operate a modern and mobile business.

Coworking facilities other real benefit is freedom that comes from a no-lease membership keeps your business completely flexible. Start coworking right now and they adjust your membership plan as your business grows or lower your plan during your long European summer vacation.

5. Separate your work and professional life
A home office is convenient but it eliminates the barrier between work and personal life that most corporate workers take for granted. The easy access to the home office while you’re with your family, friends, or relaxing on the TV watching Glee can be stressful and disruptive. Being able to leave the home and head to a workspace once, three, or five times a week builds a barrier that provides the structure and time to focus on business that’s difficult to accomplish at home. Your family and friends will also be grateful that the time at home is time with them.

About the Author: Craig is the community manager at Longbranch Coworking in Toronto. To find out more information about Longbranch Coworking go to, follow @LongbranchCW, and e-mail


5 responses to “Top 5 Reasons To Start Coworking Instead of Working from Home

  1. Thanks for posting this article. I look forward to writing more articles for Biz Launch and help small businesses in the GTA.

  2. If you're looking for a coworking space, try Deskwanted – it's a global portal for desks in shared offices. There are currently over 500 coworking spaces on offer!

  3. This is a great article. I've never thought about coworking, and I do work at home currently. I'll have to really think about this, I think you've brought up some great points.

  4. Its a great way to get networking and more fun than working at home. Great article, thanks.

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