Free Accounting Software for Small Business

Wave Accounting today launched an online accounting application that frees small business owners from the time-consuming steps of bookkeeping and accounting. Wave Accounting is the first integrated online application to track users’ business and personal finances, an essential feature for the many small businesses that manage business and personal finances out of the same bank account and credit card. And it’s free, unlike traditional accounting software.
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3 responses to “Free Accounting Software for Small Business

  1. it looks like it is really GREAT tool, the only thing that feels “weird” is “exposing” by connecting with financial institution. Especially that this software is free….

  2. This looks really good. However, has anyone read the “terms of use” carefully. It “aapears” to say that they can use any “personal” information that you give them any way that they please. Then it appears to say your financial information is protected and secure. I too would be worried about connecting my bank information to a free web service. My other concern would be that they say any discontinuation of service is “just too bad for you”. Does anyone else feel nervous about using financial software for a business when there is no guarantee that the information or the service itself will continue to be available? It could all disappear in the blink of an eye and you would have no recourse. Any comments, opinions about using something like this? Thanks, Randy

  3. @Randy, very clever some people don't tend to read the terms of use, it is really important to consider such factors in purchasing or using something free online for sometimes this kind of service are just a trap and when you finally realize it you can't find a way to get out. This is one of the reasons why some clever business owners are taking some time to read reviews about certain programs or softwares

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