Use Viral Marketing to Expose Your Brand & Grow Your Small Business

People often wonder how you can make “viral” web content, as if there is a magic formula. If someone tells you to just add a funny cat and a top 40 song, beware.
In today’s digital landscape, content is king. Whether you are an SEO expert or a social media master, if the content is not there, the audience is not there.
But what else can you do to build your brand awareness and extend your reach without breaking your budget on high-cost viral marketing campaigns (ie. Old Spice)?

One suggestion is promotions with sharing incentives. Are you having a special sale or a giveaway? You’ll probably be able to reach people in your database and/or your followers on your social media channels, but what about attracting outside attention from your customers’ networks?

Why not in addition to your current offer add a sharing sweepstakes? “Share this offer on Facebook, Twitter or Email & win a $50 gift card.” There currently are web-based tools such as Pinpoint Social ( that can help  you build promotions , track and capture this data for you.

This is a cost-effective way of creating new leads while rewarding your loyal brand advocates. There word-of-mouth recommendation can have as much influence, if not more, than any flash-in-the-pan viral campaign.


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