Legal Services for Small Business

New legal web-service, My Legal Briefcase, innovates by combining Law and Technology is a first of its kind web-service designed to assist small businesses in the Small Claims Court process. Starting this month subscribers to the website will be able to access the legal forms and information they need for Small Claims Court through an easy and efficient automated process.

“Every year many small businesses put off getting back monies owed in Small Claims Court because of the effort involved, the inconvenience or the high fees associated with hiring representation”, says co-founder Monica Goyal. “Around 90% of cases are resolved before trial, and many cases resolve after an action is initiated. Small businesses need a fast and cost-effective way to get started.”

By subscribing to the website, small businesses can engage in a simple three-step process that guides them through easy-to understand questions about their case. When their done, they will get professional, completed forms with the relevant details of their claim, tips for their day in court, and step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. was developed by a team of legal and technological experts led by Monica Goyal, a graduate of both The University of Toronto Law School and Stanford University’s Masters of EE program. Thanks to her multi-disciplinary background and her wealth of experience working for tech start-ups in the US and Canada, Monica has been able to develop a service that fills a significant gap in the marketplace.

“ is a project that will help Ontario residents navigate through a system that is often times intimidating and inaccessible” says Goyal, “we are proud to announce the official launch of our website.”


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