Experts Bring in More Business – Become an expert in your field

In today’s search-oriented world, inbound marketing is sometimes more important than outbound marketing. It is important to establish yourself as an expert in your field of work in order for those looking for your services to easily find you.

Wondering how you can become an expert? The best way is content creation. Write, develop videos and share your knowledge on topics that concern your customers. Make sure your content is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Here are 5 great ways of establishing your expertise:
1. Write your own blog and guest write for other industry blogs
2. Present seminars and or webinars regularly – share your expertise
3. Write a book or e-book on a topic your industry will be interested in reading
4. Answer questions on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Quora etc)
5. Create great content – whitepapers, reports, expert videos. Share these on your website, Youtube and social media


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