Entrepreneurship is Actually a Fancy Word for “Hard, Hard Work”

There are some people out there that cannot comprehend the idea of working for ones’ self or being your own boss. Entrepreneurship, to them, is just a fancy word for “rich genius”.

There is a girl I know. She comes from a small town where the people around her worked in manufacturing, service and healthcare. In her mind, companies provided jobs and people worked for these companies.
In university, however, her eyes were opened. She realized that a career under someone else’s thumb was not how she wanted to live. On a whim, she moved to a big city and met a community of out-of-box thinkers and doers. She realized, entrepreneurship is actually a fancy word for “hard, hard work”.

Sometimes the career you want is not listed in a school course book, a career pamphlet or on a job board. Maybe the company you want to work for does not exist yet. Why not create that dream company yourself?

Why not?

Why not break free of the mould? Nothing in this world worth having comes without perseverance or risk-free. They say, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Aim higher than what you were told was possible.You are capable of starting something on your own. Collect resources and mentors and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way.

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of settling.


2 responses to “Entrepreneurship is Actually a Fancy Word for “Hard, Hard Work”

  1. Agree 100%

  2. Entrepreneurship is actually a word for Smart, Smart work. Not Hard Work.I am sick and tired of people telling me to work harder. Get closer to the grave. Spend less time with my kid. Grow more grey hairs. Develop that computer-worker pot belly and office worker tan.Successful enterpreneurs don't work hard — they work smart. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.I could sit at my desk for 12 hours a day (I don't) and busy myself withy lots of activities. But are they forward-moving? Are they strategic? Do they create impact for my organization? Nah.Here's an example. I recently attended an event where I knew I would get the chance to cozy up to some bigwigs from a certain organization. Now, this organization is one I deeply crave to do business with, because it has over 100,000 members. The right partnership deal with this organization could solve a lot of problems for my growing small business. The cost involved to a) join this organization is peanuts and the b) cost to attend the event was $0…or, okay, 3 hours of my time.At this event I sat with the Vice-President of the organization. We talked, we laughed, we drank coffee. We (again) exchanged business cards. He told me what it would take for my little organization to partner with his large organization. I listened carefully. I sent him a follow up note. We are going to meet later this year. I think I finally know what to offer this organization, and I think I've finally impressed their people.It took a $275 membership fee and 3 hours of my time.It could make or break my little company.Now, this story is not all told, because the partnership deal is not yet in place. But it could impact my little company significantly and solve many, many, many challenges.And be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.And be worth hundreds of hours of effort.And save my company from hiring dozens of people.And make my life better.Don't lecture me about working “harder”. Entrepreneurs need to work smarter. Question every flippin' hour you spend on every flippin' task to assess the return. Organize. Be efficient. Involve suppliers and vendors. Value your time. There are millions of hard-working poor people. The rich work differently. Be the latter. Work smarter, not harder.Roger Pierce, Co-founder, BizLaunch.

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