Discounting is Not Always the Best Way to Grow Sales

It’s easy to believe that the only way to stay competitive is to offer discounts and deals. With deal sites like Groupon and Dealfind sprouting up every day and offering heavily discounted deals for local businesses, all eyes are on the savings, not necessarily on what your business has to offer.
Now don’t get me wrong, these sites, discounts and deals are a great way to bring traffic right through your front door and straight to your cash register. But if your customers believe your business is in a perpetual state of clearance and markdowns, you will find it difficult to reverse this mentality.
So if not a discount, coupon or deal, then what? How can you drive spending if your competitor is slashing their prices? Well, there is no magical solution, but consider these value add-ons:
• Free gift with purchase (especially if you are aligned with other businesses & partners)
• Loyalty rewards or points
• Opportunities to win gift cards (keeps spending within your business)
• Opportunity to gain recognition – customer of the month, feature in newsletter
• Opportunity to have VIP treatment, “firsts” or exclusives
• Free shipping (for businesses dealing with e-commerce)


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